Copyright, Inspiration, Infringement in Dice Making

I recently observed an interesting discussion on copyright infringement on dice designs, there was a mixture of confusion and questioning about what is copyright and what is inspiration, or more apt, what is infringement. This article is very succinct but as it relates to the dice world I think this might help. When designing […]

Photo Contest!

Hello Little Dragons! Are you ready to get your shutter bug on? You ask what do I mean? We are doing a photo contest! Remember those beautiful limited dice that only 6 copies will ever be made? I am doing a photo contest for all things layered birthday dice. How to enter! Take a photo […]

Breakout Con!

This was our first ever three day convention, and it was a blast! I got to meet industry experts, innovators of gaming products, and of course the players! We went up on the Friday very early in the morning, the convention was unique to me because there were two very large rooms to play rpgs […]

Little Dragon Club

Role-playing in Schools   When I think of programs I participated in schools the closest to role-playing in schools was Drama class. You were able to write your script, or follow one and imagined yourself being someone else, feeling what they felt, and acting as you thought they would act.   I think we should […]

What a Journey!

So I thought when I was first doing this project that it can’t be that hard, and boy did I misunderstand! I didn’t know what a backer kit was, it was like a language everyone else knew and I didn’t. A backerkit is a secondary service that helps capture payments that didn’t go through, as […]