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Copyright/Inspiration/Infringement in Dice Making

I recently observed an interesting discussion on copyright infringement on dice designs, there was a mixture of confusion and questioning about what is copyright and what is inspiration, or more apt, what is infringement.

This article is very succinct but as it relates to the dice world I think this might help.

When designing dice we have a few elements of choice:

Size of the dice


Pantone Color


Particles added to the die for interesting light such as glitter, gold leaf, other resin products.


With these few choices it is very easy to overlap and create similar if not identical designs.


When I design dice I look for inspiration in nature, or concepts like birthdays. Is it possible to replicate what I did, you bet!

I have seen beautiful goldfish art made by painting layer on layer of resin and paint to make 3d images, I have also seen beautiful goldfish art by small resin goldfish, then inserted in clear resin. Could you say one was inspired by the other? Possibly yes, but knowing the artist and speaking with them their inspiration was from goldfish swimming in water.

I spoke with yet another handmade artist who also was inspired by fish in water, will their dice bear similarities, of course it will!


I believe, that the only true infringement and copyright an artist or other handcrafter of dice can actually do is to willingly and knowingly copy someone else’s designs for profit. We can be inspired by history, by nature, by feelings, by beauty and still make the same products.


It’s the limit of the materials, but every one of us who makes or creates will be creating their own interpretation of art. I’ll never have the skill to paint 3D images of fish in dice, but I love that thought, and I love that others do their best to make amazing art in the form of dice.

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Conventions and excitement!

This weekend I travel to Orillia for the Cottage Country Con!

I’m very excited, I don’t know if I have been to Orillia before, but this will be an adventure!

The following weekend we will be at Anime North, our booths are 917 and 918, I hope it will go really well 😀 (It’s my first biggest con ever! Last year almost 35,000 people attended!!)

So onto excitements! I have sent in designs for 39 new dice sets, you heard me 39!

We are doing a metal dice series on our take of the dragons, we want to expand this line as we are a little dragon company!

We are also going to be launching our third kickstarter, hopefully in August, with metal and resin dice! I won’t say the theme just yet, but I’m very excited to show it to you.

We have launched a whole new series of metal dice as well last week, I hope you get a chance to check it out.


Photo contest!

We are making one minor change to the photo contest, I’m still picking the main overall winner, but the second winner will be determined by popular vote! I want you all to see these amazing dice!


You still have a chance to enter, send your photos of birthday dice or what you think represents birthday dice to


Hope to see you all again soon!

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Photo Contest!

Hello Little Dragons! Are you ready to get your shutter bug on?

You ask what do I mean? We are doing a photo contest!

Remember those beautiful limited dice that only 6 copies will ever be made?

I am doing a photo contest for all things layered birthday dice.

How to enter!

Take a photo of Little Dragon Corp Birthday Dice and email it to

The Finalists will be put to popular vote (and possibly video judged of my face looking at all of them…possibly 

The Winner will receive their choice of the limited dice sets, along with a certificate of authenticity and dice set number.
They will also receive a certificate saying how awesome they are!

The Runner up will receive a Birthday set of their choice, and a certificate saying you’re awesome too! (Or if they like two)

But wait… what if I don’t have a Birthday Gemstone dice set? Then you have the harder task of finding a way to take a photo that you think uniquely represents either the Hidden Gem, or the Birthday Gemstone Dice Line.

All Photos will be displayed on unless of course they are inappropriate and then I just can’t, we’re family friendly dragons.

Contest closes May 31st for all entries, June we will be posting the finalists!

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Breakout Con!

This was our first ever three day convention, and it was a blast! I got to meet industry experts, innovators of gaming products, and of course the players!

We went up on the Friday very early in the morning, the convention was unique to me because there were two very large rooms to play rpgs and board games, and then about 10 smaller rooms with 24 hour games, board game auctions and more.

It was surprisingly low on cosplayers, but maybe they were all hiding over at Toronto comic-con? We had a booth and were busy from before open to after close. Pretty much as soon as I started putting up the dice it was flying off the table.

I think this was partly because we did our best to price things fairly, but mostly because our display looked like candy made of dice.

On the third day we used the wizkids boat to model the dice from our first Kickstarter, it worked out really well and looks amazing! Every day we tried something new as we had a lot of new products for us and wanted to find out the best way to display them.

Some of my favorite contacts to meet was Daniel Kwan, he runs the D&D program at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was very interesting to talk to him and find out about the program they run. It is definitely inspiring to find out there is such a passion in the younger generation and it make me want to make accessories that are easy for them to use as well!

On the last day I did a spontaneous podcast with Terrible Warriors, it was my first podcast. We discussed products coming out, the challenges of a kickstarter, and the fear/excitement of being only an entrepreneur with no other safety net!

I also started talking to the Gaymer society about a collaboration; once I have more details I’ll definitely let you all know!

I’m excited, we have 3 days left to go on the Kickstarter, we are fully funded which is great, so look forward to all the non-backers to seeing new beautiful products appearing on the web store, in retailers and at conventions in the next 6 months.

I’ll be updating the website soon with conventions we are going to, and if you want to say you are interested in attending they will also be on our Facebook page!

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Little Dragon Club

Role-playing in Schools


When I think of programs I participated in schools the closest to role-playing in schools was Drama class. You were able to write your script, or follow one and imagined yourself being someone else, feeling what they felt, and acting as you thought they would act.


I think we should take it one step further, by having someone guide the experience you can use fate (aka. Dice) to challenge and change how your life will be. Given various scenarios like negotiating a treaty or helping someone escape slavery you can experience much more than you ever would by following a script.


In this scenario the book is the script but you are ad-libbing everything and the dice decide your fate. It challenges youths to think critically, to be empathetic and to work as a team. It also helps to build their skills such as math, negotiation, creative thinking, and planning. I want to help bring in adventures to your school, both fantasy and historical. From the widely creative to the simplistic of ideas.


I’ll give you an example of what creative team building can do:


A group of employees were brought up to the annual winter retreat to work on problem solving issues outside of the workplace. The problem is that the power lines through the mountains freeze and break, which costs the company a lot with power outages and repairs.


How do you solve it?


One employee suggested training bears to dance on the power lines to keep them flexible

Another suggested a heat line to stop ice from building up.


The Heat line was too expensive, and a bear being trained to dance was impractical.


However; a layer of insulation could be installed on the lines to keep some heat in, and helicopters could fly the lines spraying an environmentally safe deicer to help prevent build up. The air currents from the helicopter would make the lines dance like a bear, and the deicer along with extra insulation helped keep the lines up and running.


By being able to think to the extremes of outside of the box they were able to come up with real world solutions to their problem.


This is a skill children need to learn and develop, and to this end I’m starting Little Dragon Club.


If your school would like to participate please contact me at


I would be happy to gather supplies and help your program start up, as well as help with any issues that come up.


I look forward to meeting with you all in the near future.



Colette Chappell

Owner of Little Dragon Corp