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Packing supplies

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One of the things I forgot about for a while after the Kickstarter was packing supplies.

About 6 weeks before the dice arrived I realized oh! I don’t have anything to ship them out in.

Some frantic hunting and because I have a business number I was able to get amazing deals on supplies.

I used the packaging company and royal container.

Both of them were Brampton manufacturers, but the main thing was to get the amazing price you also have to buy in larger quantities.

I could have bought exactly what I needed and spent about the same, but it made infinite more sense to store extras because I’ve now created a website, and I plan on doing another kickstarter.

Tape, has also been a bane. I bought dollar store tape, and it was terrible, then I  bougbo Costco tape, which is marginally better. I’ll have to keep hunting for that one!

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