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This weekend I travel to Orillia for the Cottage Country Con!

I’m very excited, I don’t know if I have been to Orillia before, but this will be an adventure!

The following weekend we will be at Anime North, our booths are 917 and 918, I hope it will go really well 😀 (It’s my first biggest con ever! Last year almost 35,000 people attended!!)

So onto excitements! I have sent in designs for 39 new dice sets, you heard me 39!

We are doing a metal dice series on our take of the dragons, we want to expand this line as we are a little dragon company!

We are also going to be launching our third kickstarter, hopefully in August, with metal and resin dice! I won’t say the theme just yet, but I’m very excited to show it to you.

We have launched a whole new series of metal dice as well last week, I hope you get a chance to check it out.


Photo contest!

We are making one minor change to the photo contest, I’m still picking the main overall winner, but the second winner will be determined by popular vote! I want you all to see these amazing dice!


You still have a chance to enter, send your photos of birthday dice or what you think represents birthday dice to


Hope to see you all again soon!

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