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Photo Contest!

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Hello Little Dragons! Are you ready to get your shutter bug on?

You ask what do I mean? We are doing a photo contest!

Remember those beautiful limited dice that only 6 copies will ever be made?

I am doing a photo contest for all things layered birthday dice.

How to enter!

Take a photo of Little Dragon Corp Birthday Dice and email it to

The Finalists will be put to popular vote (and possibly video judged of my face looking at all of them…possibly 

The Winner will receive their choice of the limited dice sets, along with a certificate of authenticity and dice set number.
They will also receive a certificate saying how awesome they are!

The Runner up will receive a Birthday set of their choice, and a certificate saying you’re awesome too! (Or if they like two)

But wait… what if I don’t have a Birthday Gemstone dice set? Then you have the harder task of finding a way to take a photo that you think uniquely represents either the Hidden Gem, or the Birthday Gemstone Dice Line.

All Photos will be displayed on unless of course they are inappropriate and then I just can’t, we’re family friendly dragons.

Contest closes May 31st for all entries, June we will be posting the finalists!

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