Dice Spotlight: Wedding Dice

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Greetings, readers! We hope you’re doing well these days. We’re in the process of updating the descriptions of each dice set with more information about what it means and what the process of creating it was like. Each set has a story and we can’t wait to share them all with you.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we’d share the story behind our collection of wedding dice. When founder Colette’s husband Alex asked her to marry him, they came up with several possible colour themes for the wedding. It was hard for them to decide which theme to use, so Colette turned each one into a dice set: three colours with gold leaf and three colours with silver leaf. Learn more about them below!

Green and gold leaf

The green and gold leaf set is a vibrant green with bronze ink to add warmth. The tablecloths and bridesmaids’ dresses would have been different shades of green, contrasted with gold decorations and displays. The wedding dress would have had a gold-beaded train, glittering with movement.

Fuchsia and gold leaf

The fuchsia and gold leaf set is a rich pink with bronze ink. It is inspired by the fresh flowers that would have been displayed on each table, which is reminiscent of spring.

Peach and gold leaf

The peach and gold set is a warm shade of orange, to go with the fruits and soft textures that would have been present at the wedding. The tablecloths would have been velvet and the dress would’ve been peach and gold too.

Ligth blue and silver leaf

Light Blue & Silver Wedding Dice on a Black Background

The light blue and silver set is an icy blue with silver ink, Drawing on the theme of lights and crystals, the dice are based on the white and silver string lights that would have hung at the wedding. There were also going to be beaded curtains that resembled gems. The wedding dress would have had sequined snowflakes and antique rhinestones to match.

Lilac and silver leaf

The lilac and silver leaf set colour scheme comes from the flower petals and silver streamers that would have been at the wedding. There would have been fragrant bowls of water with floating candles, as well as bouquets of fresh lilacs on each table. In line with the theme, the wedding dress would have had a dyed lilac underskirt with silver embroidered petals.

I was going to have fragrant water bowls with floating candles and bouquets of fresh lilacs on each table.

Teal and silver leaf

The teal and silver leaf set is based on the colour scheme that Alex and Colette ended up choosing for their wedding. The bride’s dress had a white brocade overcoat with a train of white and silver flowers, and a bouquet of white, teal, ad silver flowers with a teal ribbon. The groom wore a teal tie and pocket square, and their son Gabriel wore a teal suit. Silver trees that lit up formed the centrepieces and were positioned on top of glass surfaces to look like a lake. The couple also had a bowl of custom d6s with their initials in cursive font.

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