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Breakout Con!

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This was our first ever three day convention, and it was a blast! I got to meet industry experts, innovators of gaming products, and of course the players!

We went up on the Friday very early in the morning, the convention was unique to me because there were two very large rooms to play rpgs and board games, and then about 10 smaller rooms with 24 hour games, board game auctions and more.

It was surprisingly low on cosplayers, but maybe they were all hiding over at Toronto comic-con? We had a booth and were busy from before open to after close. Pretty much as soon as I started putting up the dice it was flying off the table.

I think this was partly because we did our best to price things fairly, but mostly because our display looked like candy made of dice.

On the third day we used the wizkids boat to model the dice from our first Kickstarter, it worked out really well and looks amazing! Every day we tried something new as we had a lot of new products for us and wanted to find out the best way to display them.

Some of my favorite contacts to meet was Daniel Kwan, he runs the D&D program at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was very interesting to talk to him and find out about the program they run. It is definitely inspiring to find out there is such a passion in the younger generation and it make me want to make accessories that are easy for them to use as well!

On the last day I did a spontaneous podcast with Terrible Warriors, it was my first podcast. We discussed products coming out, the challenges of a kickstarter, and the fear/excitement of being only an entrepreneur with no other safety net!

I also started talking to the Gaymer society about a collaboration; once I have more details I’ll definitely let you all know!

I’m excited, we have 3 days left to go on the Kickstarter, we are fully funded which is great, so look forward to all the non-backers to seeing new beautiful products appearing on the web store, in retailers and at conventions in the next 6 months.

I’ll be updating the website soon with conventions we are going to, and if you want to say you are interested in attending they will also be on our Facebook page!

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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