November update and 25% off sale

Greetings, readers. We hope you are well. Unfortunately, our glass shelves collapsed on November 15 and the dice containers stored there were shattered or chipped. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this incident. The dice themselves are unharmed and the only damages we’ve found have all been on the packaging and containers. We’ve had to replace […]

Character Profile: Ashajontû the Audacious

Greetings, readers! This week, I’m sharing one of my own characters for our character profile showcase week. His name is Ashajontû the Audacious and he was my first-ever Fifth Edition character. Learn more about him below: Name: Ashajontû Tyûkdzwol D’Oré, called Ashajontû the Audacious, he/him ((pronounced ash-ah-YON-tu • ch-YOOK-tss-VOLL • door-AY). System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition […]

Character Profile: Beltane

Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Beltane, submitted by Charlie! Learn more about Beltane below: Name: Beltane, she/her (/ˈbɛl. teɪn/) System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Age: 22 Race/Heritage: Halfling Class: Druid, Circle of the Shepherd Equipment: Scimitar, longbow, quarterstaff, totem Appearance: Beltane is 3’1″, weighs 45 lbs and has red hair and green eyes. She has lots […]