November update and 25% off sale

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Greetings, readers. We hope you are well. Unfortunately, our glass shelves collapsed on November 15 and the dice containers stored there were shattered or chipped. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this incident.

The dice themselves are unharmed and the only damages we’ve found have all been on the packaging and containers. We’ve had to replace the shelves, sort through all the dice that were scattered, and clean up the office so we can use it safely.

To help manage the costs associated with this time, labour, and damage to our goods, we’re running a 25% off sale on all dice on our site with the code “damage”.

Additionally, we have new product listings for dice with damaged containers that you can get:

Mystery Chessex Lab Dice Set
– a set of Chessex Lab dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

Mystery Damaged Dice Set – a set of dice with each piece from a different brand of dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

Mystery LDC Dice Set – a set of Little Dragon Corp dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

The dice have been checked and are in good condition. The packaging may have scratches, dents, missing pieces, cracked bits, dented lids, or is otherwise damaged. If the container is too damaged to be shipped, your dice will arrive in a Ziploc bag with any salvageable tags. All the damaged dice are also available at our physical location, so cc

Thank you for supporting us in this difficult time.

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