Descent into the Underworld Kickstarter ends, new dice sets added to store

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Greetings, readers! Thanks to you, our Descent into the Underworld campaign is fully funded. We are so excited for you to experience Moonie’s journey through the Underworld through this collection of dice. To recap, we have the following dice sets available:

Moonie (sharp edge and soft edge)

River Styx (sharp edge and soft edge)

Cerbudon (soft edge)

Lord of Hell (soft edge)

Mom (soft edge)

Demi (soft edge)

This means that we are able to produce all sets of dice as soft edge dice, except fate. Check out the photo below to see the difference between the soft and sharp-edged dice.

We are currently busy preparing the Backer Kit surveys, which we expect to take roughly a week to finish. Kickstarter will then take 10 business days to send the funds to us, at which time we can start the production at the factory.

Gabrisaur Dice now available in the shop

On another note, if you missed the Gabrisaur Dice Kickstarter campaign, worry not! You can now get Brachioblue and Pterodactyellow in our shop. Both of these sets are out of print, which means that once they sell out, we won’t be making more. Be sure to get your orders in before these limited sets are all gone.



That’s all for now! Thank you again for all your support, it means the (under)world to us.

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