Little Dragon Corp t-shirts available for pre-order

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Greetings, readers! We hope you’re staying safe. We have an exciting announcement: our t-shirt line is now available for pre-order! We have six fun shirts depicting different members of Moonie’s dragon family so that there’s something for everyone. All shirts are made of cotton and are sized in men’s sizes M-3XL.

All the art featured on the shirts was drawn by Marcos, after concepts by Amanda Busby.

Check out the collection here:


This playful Saturdad shirt features Dad Dragon cooking with a grill strapped to Demi Dragon’s head. On Dad’s apron is “Daddies & Drinks”–a nod to our Daddies & Drinks shirt!

Daddies & Drinks

The Daddies & Drinks shirt is a play on the classic logo of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, but with a dad twist! It includes the design for the River Styx Dragon as the red dragon ampersand.


Mom Dragon is front and centre on our Momdays t-shirt. She is sipping coffee from a “world’s best mom” mug while barely awake. Relatable content!


Moonie is the star of the shirt on this white t-shirt featuring her face in an iconic full profile. This shirt is available in white and in pink.

Formal Request

It’s Demi Dragon’s time to shine in our Formal Request design! This shirt includes the words “I formally request to stay home” in a stylized fantasy font.

I Don’t Want To!

Littlest Dragon throws a tantrum on our I Don’t Want To t-shirt. This shirt is a dark purple to highlight Littlest Dragon’s vibrant green colour.

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