Character Profile: Ashajontû the Audacious

Greetings, readers! This week, I’m sharing one of my own characters for our character profile showcase week. His name is Ashajontû the Audacious and he was my first-ever Fifth Edition character. Learn more about him below:

Name: Ashajontû Tyûkdzwol D’Oré, called Ashajontû the Audacious, he/him ((pronounced ash-ah-YON-tu • ch-YOOK-tss-VOLL • door-AY).

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 147

Race/Heritage: High Elf

Class: Bard, College of Glamour

Equipment: A recorder, a banjo, a rapier with his name engraved on it, a ring of protection, a signet ring

Appearance: Ashajontû has aqua eyes and light skin with long silver-blond hair. He’s 6 feet tall and very thin. Ashajontû wears a pink tunic with gold accent details, white leggings, high-heeled boots, and a long dramatic cape.

Personality: Ashajontû is lively and enjoys being the centre of attention. He plays the banjo, the recorder, the triangle, and he can sing. He likes to compose songs that inspire his fellow party members, tell stories of their adventures, or simply to persuade other people to give him what he wants. In combat, Ashajontû is a spellcaster whose primary strategy is to draw enemies into some other activity or distraction so that they can’t attack the party. When he’s not adventuring or recovering from his adventures, Ashajontû likes to write songs, eat pastries, and go shopping for the latest fashions.

Goals: Having reclaimed his land, title, and noble status, Ashajontû’s personal goal is now to turn the ruins of his old house into a theatre. With his party, he is attempting to prevent a dreadful villain from unleashing Tiamat and taking over the world.

Most memorable moment: Ashajontû willingly stood trial for war crimes on behalf of his (mostly) deceased family members. He sang twice at his trial, once to prove that he was a bard and would not have access to a wizard spell used to commit a murder, and once to introduce countercharges against his great-uncle who framed him for the murder. He was ultimately successful in getting convicted of his family’s crimes, and cleared of the crimes with which he was personally charged. Ashajontû is in the process of paying reparations and making amends with the people his family hurt. The events of the trial earned Ashajontû the moniker “the audacious.”

Fun fact: Pastries are Ashajontû’s favourite food. He can, and does, eat them for all meals of the day.

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