Happy New Year from Little Dragon Corp!

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Greetings, readers, and a belated Happy New Year (or just in time, if you celebrate Lunar New Year like me!) We hope this post finds you well.

We have a couple of exciting updates for you….

A new line of dice

The first announcement is that we’re launching a new line of dice! The Archaic Birthday Dice collection is inspired by older, underrated, but still beautiful gemstones.

The first set is January’s, which is Chalcedony. The dice will use a swirl technique, combining the Pantone colours 264U, 270U, and clear.

Our founder Colette says: “I want to bring that touch of history back to life using a swirl technique I’ve mastered to make each set an option for amazing windows.”

The dice are in production and have just been sent for prototyping. We are also designing new packaging for them. Check out Colette’s sketch for the retailer label!

Looking for dice influencers

Our second update is that we’re looking for dice influencers! What does that mean? We’re looking for folks who love Little Dragon Corp, who love dice, and who have a wide reach and can help us get the word out there about our products.

We’ll give you a custom promotional code and everyone who uses that code to make a purchase on the site earns you a percentage of the profit as a commission. If you’d like to work with us in this capacity, please send your name and details over to littledragoncorp@gmail.com. We are excited to hear from you!

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