Descent into the Underworld Kickstarter launches September 7!

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Greetings, readers! We hope you’re keeping well. We’re excited to announce our newest Kickstarter, Descent into the Underworld! It’s themed around the story of Moonie the dragon heading to the Underworld to rescue her mother. The dice sets created for this Kickstarter are inspired by the characters and challenges that she faces on her journey.

Her first challenge is to ford the river Styx, then gain the help of Cerbudon. After this, Moonie is confronted by lord of hell who doesn’t want to free her mother from her responsibilities as Guardian of the Dragons. In response, Moonie’s brother Demi comes out of hiding and asks if they can visit Fate to change their mom’s future.

They meet with Fate, who says the future is ever changing. In recognition of this comment from Fate, the Fate set has a liquid core. Fate eventually frees Moonie’s mom, with Demi taking over the role of Guardian of the Dragons.

Take a look at the gorgeous photos of our new dice! We are aiming to fund the first two sets, with the rest of them being unlocked as stretch goals.

We also have special ferryman coins only for early bird backers, as well as bronze and gold versions of the coins as add-ons.

We also have playmats, necklaces, and a special dice binder as add-ons. Also, the “Greetings from Hell” postcard that is available as a stretch goal.

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