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Greetings readers,

We hope you’re well and keeping up with the latest vaccination updates. We miss you and hope we will see each other soon, especially since we’ve worked so hard on renovating the new store as a community gaming space.

In this week’s blog post, we have many exciting updates to share with you! Keep reading…

Wizards Play Network Premium Store status

Despite the pandemic, we have achieved status as a member of the Wizards Play Network with the Premium designation! This is very exciting for us because it’s a public recognition by Wizards of the Coast of us being one of the best game stores in the world. We’ve proven that we offer consistent, world-class experiences to customers and players. You can see our premium badge proudly displayed on our page on the Wizards of the Coast store locator site.

Going forward, we will have exclusive events and products, so stay tuned!

Special deals for the month of May

This month, when you do any of the following…

  • Buy any 3 dice sets
  • Buy any 6 unpainted minis
  • Buy any 3 mini booster packs
  • Spend $50 or more on D&D Products (Not including books)

… you can choose a free gift! Your options are:

  • A dice set and dice bag
  • A bath bomb
  • Candy surprise ($15 value)

Special deals forever

These deals are evergreen, meaning that they will always apply!

Weekly game nights at Dragon World

In preparation for the end of the pandemic, we’re bringing back our weekly game nights! The new schedule will be:

Monday: All systems TTRPG night. Any system goes! Play a classic like Pathfinder or try a different game like Numenera or Vampire: The Masquerade.
Wednesday: D&D. Play the world’s greatest roleplaying game at your friendly local game shop!

Saturday: Young Adventurers’ League. A gaming space for kids!

New products

We have several new products in store that we think you’ll love! Starting with Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which is a brand new (released May 18, 2021!) horror sourcebook for D&D. It includes new backgrounds, trinkets, and a slew of terrifying new adversaries for your campaign. Get it now!


We also have an impressive figurine of Tiamat in a gargantuan size unseen before! The five-headed dragon goddess is magnificent and is sure to be the centrepiece of your figurine collection. Get it now!


Finally, we have a couple of new Paint Night Kits. What makes these kits special is that they come with QR codes that will take you to a walkthrough on how to paint the figurine. These make for excellent starter kits and have paint pots and brushes included with them. Get one now!


Pandemic housekeeping

We know many of you are missing the in-store experience (and we miss having you!) so we’re introducing virtual shopping trips! Book an appointment with us and we will give you a virtual tour and personal shopping trip via Facebook.

We can also take debit/credit payments at the door, as well as over the phone.

This past year has been a challenge and the whole Little Dragon Corp team misses your presence here in the shop. We hope to see you soon at the new home of Dragon World at 22 Main St. S., above the Burger Grill.

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