New year, new us!

Downtown Brampton Retail Shop

Greetings, readers! We hope you’ve had a restful holiday season and we wish you a very happy 2021! To celebrate, we have a 30% off sale across the Little Dragon Corp site. Just use the code “sale30” to activate it.

In addition to ringing in the new year, we’ve been hard at work with renovation projects for our store. We’re so close to being done and we can’t wait to share our space with you once again.

Since the last post about our store decoration, we’ve added another tree and we’re almost finished installing it. Like the first tree near the card bar, it will also have lights woven through its sprawling branches.

We’ve finished the windows with stunning designs that are inspired by stained glass. These designs spell out the store’s name and depict our company mascot, Moonie the Dragon. These designs are lovely by daylight and shine by night.

In terms of projects left to complete, we’re repainting the booths black, reupholstering the benches, and vinyl wrapping the back with green flames. It’s going to look so cool when it’s done! We’re also getting to work on “dice windows” within the store. This is exactly as it sounds: we’re putting dice in the windows within the store itself, since some of the doors have windows at the top.

We’ll be painting the arches to add a splash of colour to the interior walls, and be adding a fascination waterfall. This waterfall is a curious contraption through which you’ll be able to pour your dice and it’ll move at the dice pour out.

Check out some of the renovations in this gallery, and stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more updates.

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