Character Profile: Medjhan Vermithrax

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Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Medjhan Vermithrax, submitted by Alex! Learn more about Medjhan below:

Name: Medjhan Vermithrax, he/him (pronounced MEH-jon • VURR-mih-thracks)

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 32

Race/Heritage: Silver Dragonborn

Class: Barbarian, Path of the Berserker

Equipment: Heavy battle axe, shurikens,

Appearance: Medjhan is muscular with a stocky build and is around 7 feet tall. He wears red leather pants and no shirt, and is recognizable for his cocksure, toothy smile.

Personality: Medjhan is a hot-blooded barbarian with a hedonistic streak and a snarky quip or cool one-liner always at the ready. He also has a soft side, clouded by years of trauma. The sudden death of his tyrannical father left Medjhan with years of unresolved anger issues and a seething hatred for authority. Medjhan empathizes with those who have been negatively impacted by the circumstances of their birth, be they poor or discriminated against. After escaping from prison with his adventuring party, he developed a strong guilty conscience… not that it’s stopped Medjhan from being the life of the party at any bar or tavern he visits.

Goals: Above all else, Medjhan wants to atone for his sins and put his bloody history to rest. To that end, Medjhan aims to dismantle oppressive systems of power by any means he can. In private, Medjhan longs to practice the art of healing, so as to “give back” to the world and repair any damage he has caused along the way.

Most memorable moment: While captured in an enemy’s castle, Medjhan rolled a natural 20 and used his raw strength to break free, ripping out a chunk of the wall still attached to his chain. He then used his newfound boulder-on-a-chain to smash in the head of an enemy warlord, while quipping, “If you admired my father so much, why don’t you join him?!”

Fun fact: Medjhan used to wrestle competitively. He’s also pansexual with a preference for buff guys.

Alex Rochon is a voice over artist specializing in eLearning and character acting. Follow him on Twitter @AlexRochonVA!

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