Winter dice for the holiday season

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Greetings, dear readers! As the weather cools down, we hope you’re keeping warm. As promised, here are some seasonal dice sets that would make great gifts, whether for yourself or for a friend or family member.

All That Glitters, Snow Globe d20

Snow Globe no ink DIY d20 30 mm

Our fantastical snow globe d20s are here! It’s filled with bright confetti and glitter stars, coming in at a whopping 30 mm. These dazzling colours are perfect for the festive season. Choose from white ink, silver ink, or completely uninked for your own customization.

Zircon Layered

december zircon dice

These are from our birthday series. With its deep aqua, bright blue and clear layers and silver ink, these dice evoke a frozen glacier emerging from the sea. The zircon stone is often associated with healing broken bones and the stimulation of sluggish energy—a perfect counter for the winter blues.

Elemental Air Resin

air elemental dice

Let your imagination take flight this season! Inspired by the forces of nature, the three layers of pale blue with silver ink is reminiscent of a cold December sky, and the glitter adds a sprinkle of magic to these dice.

Elemental Air Metal Dice

metal air dice
The metal cousin of the resin air elemental set, the subtle mix of cold tones offers a dreamy palette perfect for a fantasy setting. The sharp edges and raised silver numbers bring icicle touch to this gorgeous set.

London Blue Topaz

london blue topaz dice
These aqua dice gleam with the cleanliness of a frozen lake. If you have characters venturing onto the water in the winter, these will make a splash at your table.

Light Blue and Silver Wedding

Wedding Dice blue and Silver
These are part of our wedding collection celebrating the marriage of our founder Colette and her husband Alex and are made of love, hope, and dreams! If you get a set of these, you’ll see the special dragon graphic that comes with the crystal cases, which shows the dragons making a heart shape when their foreheads touch. The silver leaf gives these chilly dice a rich pattern.

March Bloodstone Layered

march bloodstone dice

This set is also from our birthday series (March), but the bold greens sandwiching the striking red make for a fabulously festive combination. These are now considered out of print having been discontinued in July, so grab some while you can!

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