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Greetings, readers!

We hope your December is off to a great start. For this week’s blog post, we thought we’d highlight some of the friends of the Little Dragon Corp community.

We’re lucky to know some great folks in the dice industry. We send out some of our dice for them to sell, and they send theirs to us in return! These other businesses are located all over the world and we’ve brought them to you, whether through our site or physical store. Check them out below!


Critiit Spirit of the Blue Dragon set

Critit is based in the UK. This family-run business designs and makes all its RPG goods itself! Their dice are themed around spirits and their sets capture the essence of a variety of animals, locations, gemstones, holidays, and constellations. Here at Little Dragon Corp, you can find sets inspired by mermaids, orcs, minotaurs, dragons, and more.

If you’re based in the UK, you can also find us on their site here!

Gate Keeper Games

Halfsies Glamour set

We stock Halfsies Dice, Gate Keeper Games’ line of two-tone standard gaming dice, in full 7-piece sets.  These sets are available in 25 different colour combinations. Gate Keeper Games hails from California and aims to bring joy to families through playing games.

Green Leaf Geek

Green Leaf Geek Keyfish set

Creator of the popular Keyfish dice, Green Leaf Geek is based in Peterborough. She sells beautiful sharp-edge and soft-edge dice, some of which are handmade. We stock her products in our physical store, and you can visit her here.

Ice Cream Dice

Ice Cream Dice Mint Chocolate Crit set

Ice Cream Dice is a fellow Canadian company based in Edmonton. Their specialty is designing and making dice designed after—yep, you guessed it—ice cream flavours. From the Mint Chocolate Crit to the Merry Critmas seasonal set, Ice Cream Dice sets are always delightful and look good enough to eat!


Lindorm Faux Prism Dice

Located in Sweden, Lindorm is run by two self-professed nerds, Alexander Gesse and Karolina Petrusson. Their products are inspired by runes, monuments, and mythology from their homeland. With names like “Shadow Spawn” and “The Painter’s Dream,” their collections are always colourful and evocative. They even have products named for specific Norse gods.

We stock Lindorm dice in our physical store, and their site is here. We also have a shoutout on their site  here!

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