Gold D20

Christmas in July?

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Twas the Night Before Critmas, and all through the house,
Not a goblin was stirring not even a mouse.
I in my cap, waited with such glee,
For the monsters I’d slay if only I could see.
I rolled all my dice, with a flourishing throw
But to my delight I rolled high, and not low
My tree was decked out with red, white, and black ones
While down below, you could see all the little ones.

Greetings, readers! We are dedicating this week’s post to show off the new d20-inspired holiday ornaments, currently funding on Kickstarter here! We’re showing them off in the summer because you can never be too prepared. We call these our CRITmas baubles because they hang with the 20 facing outwards.

Each ornament is made of a lightweight plastic/resin blend material for a strong and long-lasting decoration! These hardy ornaments weigh in at just under 1.8 oz., and can be dropped without fear of them breaking.

Check out our many colours in this gallery and pick up some some natural 20 decorations today!

  • Red (silver lines and numbers)
  • Blue (silver lines and numbers)
  • Black (gold lines and numbers)
  • Silver (black lines and numbers)
  • White (purple lines and blue numbers)
  • Cyan (gold lines and numbers)
  • Gold (black lines and numbers)
  • Green (purple lines and numbers)
  • Purple (gold lines and numbers)

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