Character Profile: Tabula Rasa

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For this week’s blog post, we’re sharing our first character profile: Tabula Rasa, who is our artist Amanda’s D&D character! Learn more about her below:

Name: Tabula Rasa, she/her

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: Unknown (she has lost her memories)

Race/Heritage: Tiefling

Class: Druid, Circle of the Spore

Equipment: Hat of disguise, quarterstaff, crossbow, druidic focus (bark from a tree)

Appearance: Tabula Rasa is 5′ 8″ and her design is based on a bearded dragon. Her outfit is inspired by rag and ‘swamp’ outfits found on Pinterest, and her hair is symmetrical, styled in two braids.

Personality: Tabula Rasa is curious about the world around her. She’s also well-mannered and speaks in a calm, soft voice.

Goals: Her main goal is to reclaim her lost memories, no matter what they may be.

Most memorable moment: As she doesn’t have many memories, her most memorable moment would have been when she ‘woke up’ and had to run for her life without any idea who she was or where she was.

Fun fact: Tabula Rasa means ‘A mind not yet affected by experiences or impressions’, which was given to her by a hag who found her alone and brought her home.

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