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Greetings, readers! We have a very exciting update: we’re preparing to launch a new dice collection from Gabrisaur Dice, which is run by Gabriel and Alex. The collection features three all-new sets (plus three more if unlocked!) inspired by different dinosaurs and is coming to Kickstarter very soon, with shipping and fulfillment by Little Dragon Corp. This week, I chatted to Gabriel and Alex to find out more, and to gather an exclusive preview for Dragons’ Digest readers.

Gabriel designed the dice for Gabrisaur Dice by choosing colour combinations from the pantone website with Alex. He also chose the glitters that he wanted and took inspiration from the dice sets made by Little Dragon Corp. When I asked him what his favourite colour was, he named pretty much all of them. He also loves dinosaurs of all kinds and came up with these sets based on dinosaur figurines that he owns.

All dice included in this Kickstarter will be a single print run, never to be produced again afterwards. This campaign will also be shorter than some of our previous ones, lasting only 15 days. We’re starting with three sets: Pinkasaurus Rex, Neonasaurs, and Blueceratops. If they are unlocked, you’ll be able to choose from three more sets: Dice Tail, Brachioblue, and Pterodactyellow. Check out the previews below!

Pinkasaurus Rex

P-Rex is a transparent Fuchsia base die infused with orange and purple injections. It is filled with orange glitter and written in a orange font.


Neonasaurus is a transparent light pink base die infused with a neon green and blue injection. It is filled with pink glitter and is written in a pink font.


Blueceratops is a transparent light blue base die infused with a Azure blue and a dark Blue Injection It is filled with silver glitter and is written in a gold font.

Unlockable: Dicetail

Dicetail is a transparent violet base die infused with aquamarine and mustard yellow. It is filled with a fine silver glitter and is written in a black font.

Unlockable: Brachioblue

Brachioblue is a transparent turquoise base die infused with a light green and a baby blue injection. It is filled with silver glitter and is written in a silver font.

Unlockable: Pterodactyellow

Pterodactyellow is a transparent yellow base die infused with green & dark yellow injections. It is filled with gold glitter and written in a black font.

In addition to the above dice sets, we will also have some of the sets that Gabriel designed for Little Dragon Corp’s Hidden Gem Kickstarter available as add-ons. These are: Sunset, Orange Orange, and Fruits.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements, and check out the preview page on Kickstarter here. Click “Notify me on launch” in the top left-hand corner to be the first to know when our campaign goes live. A very special thank you from Gabriel and Alex for all your support!

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