Gabrisaur Dice Kickstarter funded!

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Greetings, readers! We’re delighted to announce that you funded Gabrisaur Dice one day after launch! Thank you all so much for your support. We filmed a short and heavily-edited video of Gabriel thanking you for all your support. He is delighted that you’re interested in his dice and he cannot wait for you to receive them!

You’ve unlocked Pinkasaurus Rex, Neonasaurus, Blueceratops, and Dice Tail, one of the stretch goal sets. There are still more stretch goals to be unlocked — check them out in the image below and learn more on Kickstarter.

In other news, we’re still updating the site with detailed descriptions of each dice set, and we have a new shipment of Chessex borealis dice sets for sale. We’ve also restocked on gemstone dice sets on the Dragon World site. Finally, your resident blogger Sebastian is moving house at the end of the month so you might not hear from us for a bit, but rest assured that we’re still here. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for sales and new products.

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