Character Profile: Frederick Everleigh

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Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Frederick Everleigh, submitted by Amanda! Learn more about Frederick below:

Name: Frederick Everleigh, he/him

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 25

Race/Heritage: Human

Class: Bard, College of Whispers

Equipment: Violin

Appearance: Frederick is 5’11 with dark skin and dark hair with a reddish tint to it. He wears a grey waistcoat, a white shirt, and a red cape with matching red gloves.

Personality: Frederick is blunt with others, but can also be very careful and dedicated to his goal. He enjoys reading, attention, and wine, with a preference for red wine over white. He dislikes close relations, cheap items, and the lower class. Frederick has his violin on him at all times.

Goals: His main goals in life are to revive his love and to regain his prestige.

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.

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