August update

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Greetings, readers! We hope you’re keeping well. To celebrate Alex’s birthday, we have a great deal for you on dice: use the code “birthday” at the check out to get 25% off your dice order before the end of August! Alex is founder Colette’s husband and Gabriel’s dad. His dragon form appears on the packaging for our Wedding Dice collections.

Additionally, we’re running a contest for a $25 Little Dragon Corp gift card. To enter, tag a friend in the comments of this Facebook post.

If you’re still waiting for your Gabrisaur Dice Kickstarter pledge, the dice are in transit to us. But the stickers have arrived and we’re excited for you to receive them! If you haven’t heard, the stickers feature the dinosaurs from the Kickstarters along with the logos of our friends Critit, Green Leaf Geek, Heartbeat Dice, Ice Cream Dice, Lindorm Dice, and Little Dragon Corp. Check out the sticker designs on Kickstarter!

That’s all for now–we’ll be back next week with another character profile!

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