Wargaming and Roleplaying Dice Extraordinaire is live on Kickstarter!

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Greetings, readers! Our collaboration with Tistaminis has launched and you can find it on Kickstarter here. It’s a collection of 36 pipped d6s with the crits inked in a different colour! These dice are designed in several unique combinations and the different ink means you’ll never have to do a double-take about whether you rolled maximum damage ever again.

The first set is the Marine Dice, which are a blue and white marbled acrylic with crits inked in gold. From there, there are six more sets to unlock: Volcanic Night Dice (dark pink and black acrylic with gold-inked crits), Ferocious Flames (orange and yellow acrylic with silver-inked crits), Ancient Gold Dice (turquoise and black acrylic with pink-inked crits), Temptress Dice (purple and blue acrylic with pink-inked crits), Jungle Ops Dice (teal and black with turquoise-inked crits), and Lich Dice (green and white with black-inked crits).

Little Sleep Shipping

We at Little Dragon Corp are proud to support the fulfilment of this Kickstarter with Little Sleep Shipping, which is our dedicated shipping division! We will be using mailers provided by Tistaminis to ship out your dice. In the interests of being eco-friendly, we are minimizing our packaging, so the dice will be in reusable Ziploc bags. We are able to ship worldwide and if there is sufficient interest, there may be an add-on to upgrade your packages to parcels for faster shipping.

Our Little Sleep Dragon has eight legs and is the fastest of all the Little Dragon Corp dragons!

In other news, we are beyond excited for the newest D&D book: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which is an adventure set in the Feywild. We have access to the exclusive alternative cover and we cannot wait for you to get it! Everyone who pre-orders the book will receive a free Elemental Spring Garden resin dice set as well, which is an exclusive from our store. Pre-order the book here!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more news here on Dragon’s Digest.

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