Introducing the Dragons of Little Dragon Corp

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Onto the today’s blog post: you may have seen that our social media is abuzz with an all-new line of dice… the Dragons of Little Dragon Corp collection! It’s based on the adventures of Moonie the Dragon, who is our mascot. She’s been travelling across the globe and has met many more dragons, including some of her family members. We’ve made dice to represent each one of them, and you can check them out below:

Moonie the Dragon Dice

Moonie is our brand leader and the dragon closest to our founder Colette’s heart. She is the one who goes on adventures, finds all her friends and explores the world. She was left on the moon as a young dragon and grew up virtually alone. Her dice are a nebula blend of her main colors with the stars of the galaxy embedded into her colour structure. These dice are inked with a lovely silver, which makes them easy to read.

Zen Dragon Dice

Zen Dice Set- Dragons of Little Dragon Corp set. Blue and Brown

Zen has such a story to tell: once he saw the age of man, gentle and kind filled with curiosity and friendly. But then he watched as they turned on each other then began to blame the dragons.

They banded together to destroy the dragons, killing them all. Luckily for him, his village protected him. He flew to the highest mountain to hide where no man could reach him.

Over the eons of solitude, the elements became his closest friends, he felt his shape change as he became sturdier like that of earth. His mind became quick like wind gusting, his body sinuous like water rivers and his eyes sharp like that of a crackling fire.

These Zen Dragon Dice were an experiment in making a layered nebula effect. The solid brown layer reflects Zen’s core nature of being solid, then the nebula of green and blue represent water and fire. The clear base they have to flow in is the air that surrounds us, finished with silver ink.

Littlest Dragon Dice

Littlest Dragon is the youngest of all the dragons. His siblings are ancient but he just didn’t feel like hatching. Full of curiosity, he’s like a candy you have to slowly eat to finally get to his gooey centre. Littlest Dragon is based on Colette’s son Gabriel: full of joy and happiness.

The Littlest Dragon Dice are made with five layers of resin. The outer layers are a marbleized yellow, the inner first layer is a glittery pink, and the final layer is a translucent vibrant green. Inked with Silver ink this makes this set easy to read and fun to look at. In making these dice, we decided on five layers because children are made up of many magical layers with a pure inner core.

Mom Dragon Dice

Mom dice set Purple sparkle Dragons of little dragon corp

Mom had to make the ultimate decision when she flew back for her children, save one or try to save them all. Little is known about Mom, except that she fought the men who were trying to cut her and her children down.

Dad Dragon Dice

Dad Dice set- Dragons of little dragon corp dice

Dad Dragon Dice Was designed around the concept of stealth. Dad is the one you can only catch out of the corner of your eye because he blends with nebulas and the stars all across the galaxy.

Frump & Grump Dragon Dice

Frump & Grump are the two heads of one dragon with very different personalities. These dice are a solid layer with nebula on top. The solid black layer represents Grump, who is a very serious dragon, and the nebula side with glitter pink and green represents Frump, who is much more carefree and easygoing.

Terra Dragon Dice

Terra Dice Set Dragon of Little Dragon corp dice Yellow and orange

Terra grew up in the Amazon. When her mom was trying to save her, she was attacked and she had to drop Terra as she flew over the Amazon forest. The flowers are her friends and she grew up on the essence of the rainforest. Fully in touch with nature, Terra’s dice contain the vibrancy of flowers with hints of green for the leaves and stems.

Book Dragon Dice

One thin solid blue line with a light blue injected with brown nebula dice set with silver ink

Book Dragon was designed around the concept of imagination. The solid blue line represents the covers of the book, and the nebula with brown injected in is the creativity exploding out.

Puppy the Dragon Dice

Puppy Dice Set- Dragons of Little Dragon Corp set. Blue and yellow

Puppy the Dragon is perhaps the most loved of all the Little Dragons. He’s actually a Newfoundland beagle cross-breed that wears dragon wings and horns and thinks that he’s a dragon.

One day he wandered into a graveyard with massive bones everywhere. His eyes lit up with glee at all the tasty treats to eat, bury, and gnaw upon. He leapt into the air, landed onto a pile of bones and bit as hard as he could, when suddenly he heard a huge “ROAR”!

Scared, he whimpered and tried to run off when a big claw hand picked him up. In a much lower, calmer voice, he heard, “Oh, you’re just a wee pup. Do you want to stay and be my friend?”

Puppy was elated, he could chew on bones and had a nice friend who would take care of him. He has lived with the big bone dragon for the last 200 years.

The Puppy the Dragon set is a mixture of clear resin, opaque yellow and muted light blue. In a marbleized fashion, it’s one of Colette’s favourite sets. The window potential on these dice are indescribable.

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