October Sale & Dice for the Spooky Season

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Top row, L-R: Ether, Ember, Bloodstone Nebula

Middle row: Ametrine, Garnet Nebula, Black Diamond Nebula

Bottom row: Citrine Layered, Dangerous Fire, Desert

Greetings, readers!

This month, we at Little Dragon Corp are celebrating Hallowe’en alongside our very own Little Dragon Gabriel’s third birthday! Just use the code GABRIEL for 15% off your order on either the Little Dragon Corp or Dragon TCG Crystal Commerce site. When you place your order, specify 1, 2, or 3 in the notes section for a free mystery dice set.

This promotion lasts until October 31, so there’s still time to grab some dice in time for your game night.

If you’re not sure which dice to add to your collection, here are some of our favourite Hallowe’en creations.


The rich blue hues and striking white ink of these dice evoke the dark skies and full moon of the witching hour. The sprinkle of glitter is a gorgeous touch and suggests a constellation of possibilities for your story.


Bring the mood of a smouldering fire to your game with the deep, ashen reds of this set. Whether it be time for your party to make camp and scare each other silly with ghost stories, or time to act in the aftermath of a raging forest fire, these dice will light up your table like nothing else.

Bloodstone Nebula

The murky, translucent green mixed with red and the shimmering silver ink of the Bloodstone Nebula dice make for a mysterious combination. Is it blood in the forest, or a strange substance afloat in the swamp? Either way, it’s definitely haunted.


First available as a stretch goal from our wildly successful Hidden Gem Dice Kickstarter, these stunning dice capture the jewel tones of ametrine. The bright orange and smoky purple are reminiscent of traditional Hallowe’en colours, ensuring that these dice are a treat to roll.

Garnet Nebula

These dice are one of our founder Colette’s favourite sets. The contrasting opaque and transparent reds swirl together like drops of blood in water, making for a sinister addition to your table. Just make sure it’s the blood of your enemies and not your own blood, of course.

Black Diamond Nebula

Another of Colette’s favourites, the ghostly black diamond set has the most stunning swirls of all the dice we’ve made so far. If you’re heading into the mists this season, bring these with you—they may just be the difference between life and death.

Citrine Layered

Nothing says “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” quite like these striking dice. If you’re strolling into an encounter and don’t care who knows you’re there, announce your arrival with this bright yellow set.

Dangerous Fire

The bold turquoise complements the warm red and orange in this very yummy-looking set. With glitter in the mix, it’s easy to mistake these dice for sugared candy. Just be sure not to eat them by accident.


Although not a common setting for Hallowe’en adventures, the desert is a terrifying place to be stuck. With harsh weather and nothing else around for miles, it’s dangerous to go alone—take this sandy set with you.

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