The character of a dice palette

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Greetings, readers! It’s been about a year since I started playing TTRPGs online because of the pandemic. Though I have adapted well and made plentiful use of the virtual tabletop features (it is SO GOOD to not have to do any math when I roll using a character sheet online!) I do miss rolling physical dice. I took out some of my dice sets the other day just to admire them and it got me thinking about how and why I choose them.

I have 7-piece dice sets in a rainbow of colours and I tend to choose them with specific characters in mind. Whenever I receive dice as a gift, I immediately think, “Oh, this set is perfect for this character!” and then I think of it as that character’s dice set henceforth. I take a number of things into account when I’m putting together a dice palette and I figured I’d share a few of mine with you.


Noctis (they/she) is a tabaxi bard and she has black fur and amber eyes. In Noctis’ palette, I’ve included two of Little Dragon Corp’s Hidden Gem dice sets, the amber nebula dice and the ametrine set. Both were first available via the Hidden Gem Kickstarter. I chose both of those sets to reflect the colour of Noctis’ eyes, as well as their fondness for cheese. The black set is for their fur, and I included the bright red set for variety and to evoke the name of their trusted sword, the Blade of Blood.


Aidoann (they/them) is a character from my Star Trek Adventures campaign and they’re a Romulan ensign. Their dice palette includes red and blue dice sets because red and blue are Starfleet uniform colours. The gold ink on the white dice represents the yellow uniform. I chose the turquoise and black marble set because it reminded me of Aidoann’s distinctive teal hair.


Rĕo (they/she/he) is a vampire sorcerer of the Draconic Bloodline. Their dice palette contains cool tones because they are descended from a silver dragon and therefore they have an affinity for cold damage. Two of the sets here are also from the Hidden Gem line, the pearl set and the zircon set. I wanted to roll icy dice whenever I played Rĕo and I love the frosty feel of this palette.


Ashajontû (he/him) is my high elf bard. The explanation for his palette is much more straightforward: it’s based on the colours of his outfit. He wears pink and gold, so I bought the Little Dragon Corp fuchsia wedding dice specifically with him in mind. There is only one set in Ashajontû’s collection that has silver ink instead of gold, and that set is included because his hair is silver-blond.

Do you choose your dice with the intention of using them for specific characters? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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