New photos of the space, Kickstarter updates

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Greetings, readers! We’ve been hard at work over here, with several projects on the go at once.

First of all, thank you so much for your support of Gabrisaur Dice’s first Kickstarter campaign! We smashed through four of our stretch goals, which means the full collection of Pinkasaurus Rex, Neonasaurs, Blueceratops, Dice Tail, Brachioblue, and Pterodactyellow are on offer and all pledges have been upgraded from seven pieces to 11 pieces. You also unlocked Sunset, and we’ve made the Orange Orange set available as well! Be sure to check the Kickstarter page for frequent updates.

Right now, we’re running a 25% off store-wide birthday sale since it was Colette’s actual birthday on March 25. The sale runs until March 31 and you can apply the discount using the code birthday25 at the checkout.

And finally, we had the chance to hire a professional to take pictures of the store, and they are stunning (they really do put mine to shame). Check out the gallery below!

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