Full Mystery Set

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It’s a mystery, it’s a birthday set!


It is a complete 7 piece set.

60 in stock (can be backordered)

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It could be…

a rainbow set

a chessex set

a out of print set

a little dragon corp set

a bescon set


who knows!!

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 cm

1 review for Full Mystery Set

  1. jessicascates (verified owner)

    First off; like the description reads, the set can be either a random full set or a full set of random individual dice. I hadn’t read the description closely enough when I’d purchased and was surprised when I opened the bags! I’m actually happier to get the random “rainbow little dragon set” because it let me see a wider variety of LDC’s dice.

    In three mystery sets I received:

    1 Tourmaline Layered d8
    1 Tanzanite Layered d12
    3 Aquamarine Layered (d%, d8, d4)
    5 Diamond Layered (2d20, d%, d6, d4)
    1 Emerald Layered d10
    1 Zircon Layered d4
    1 London Blue Topaz Nebula d12
    2 Fluorite Nebula (d10, d6)
    2 Amber Nebula (d12, d6)
    1 Ameltrine Nebula d10

    I also received three dice from sets I’ve yet to identify, which is rather exciting.

    As for the overall quality, the dice are beautiful. The font on the dice is sharp and easy to read. The colors on both the layered and the nebula dice are distinct, there’s no muddiness. One thing I was worried about with layered sets is how well they roll, but they seem to roll very well!

    As a first foray into Little Dragon Corp., this purchase has stoked a fire. I must have more!

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