Greetings, readers, and a belated Happy New Year (or just in time, if you celebrate Lunar New Year like me!) We hope this post finds you well.

We have a couple of exciting updates for you….

A new line of dice

The first announcement is that we’re launching a new line of dice! The Archaic Birthday Dice collection is inspired by older, underrated, but still beautiful gemstones.

The first set is January’s, which is Chalcedony. The dice will use a swirl technique, combining the Pantone colours 264U, 270U, and clear.

Our founder Colette says: “I want to bring that touch of history back to life using a swirl technique I’ve mastered to make each set an option for amazing windows.”

The dice are in production and have just been sent for prototyping. We are also designing new packaging for them. Check out Colette’s sketch for the retailer label!

Looking for dice influencers

Our second update is that we’re looking for dice influencers! What does that mean? We’re looking for folks who love Little Dragon Corp, who love dice, and who have a wide reach and can help us get the word out there about our products.

We’ll give you a custom promotional code and everyone who uses that code to make a purchase on the site earns you a percentage of the profit as a commission. If you’d like to work with us in this capacity, please send your name and details over to We are excited to hear from you!

Greetings, readers, and Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!

Our Boxing Week sale is happening right now! We have an array of great deals, so shop now before December 31! Our sale also applies to products we order in specially for you. So if we’ve run out of your favourite RPG book, you can order it in and take advantage of the sale.

With much love,

Colette and the LDC team

In-store deals

Shop in store and save big on all your favourite tabletop essentials! See what we have to offer below:

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All Magic: The Gathering singles and all Genesis singles 20% off

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Greetings, readers! We hope you’re staying safe. We have an exciting announcement: our t-shirt line is now available for pre-order! We have six fun shirts depicting different members of Moonie’s dragon family so that there’s something for everyone. All shirts are made of cotton and are sized in men’s sizes M-3XL.

All the art featured on the shirts was drawn by Marcos, after concepts by Amanda Busby.

Check out the collection here:


This playful Saturdad shirt features Dad Dragon cooking with a grill strapped to Demi Dragon’s head. On Dad’s apron is “Daddies & Drinks”–a nod to our Daddies & Drinks shirt!

Daddies & Drinks

The Daddies & Drinks shirt is a play on the classic logo of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, but with a dad twist! It includes the design for the River Styx Dragon as the red dragon ampersand.


Mom Dragon is front and centre on our Momdays t-shirt. She is sipping coffee from a “world’s best mom” mug while barely awake. Relatable content!


Moonie is the star of the shirt on this white t-shirt featuring her face in an iconic full profile. This shirt is available in white and in pink.

Formal Request

It’s Demi Dragon’s time to shine in our Formal Request design! This shirt includes the words “I formally request to stay home” in a stylized fantasy font.

I Don’t Want To!

Littlest Dragon throws a tantrum on our I Don’t Want To t-shirt. This shirt is a dark purple to highlight Littlest Dragon’s vibrant green colour.

Greetings, readers. We hope you are well. Unfortunately, our glass shelves collapsed on November 15 and the dice containers stored there were shattered or chipped. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this incident.

The dice themselves are unharmed and the only damages we’ve found have all been on the packaging and containers. We’ve had to replace the shelves, sort through all the dice that were scattered, and clean up the office so we can use it safely.

To help manage the costs associated with this time, labour, and damage to our goods, we’re running a 25% off sale on all dice on our site with the code “damage”.

Additionally, we have new product listings for dice with damaged containers that you can get:

Mystery Chessex Lab Dice Set
– a set of Chessex Lab dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

Mystery Damaged Dice Set – a set of dice with each piece from a different brand of dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

Mystery LDC Dice Set – a set of Little Dragon Corp dice with damaged packaging, picked at random

The dice have been checked and are in good condition. The packaging may have scratches, dents, missing pieces, cracked bits, dented lids, or is otherwise damaged. If the container is too damaged to be shipped, your dice will arrive in a Ziploc bag with any salvageable tags. All the damaged dice are also available at our physical location, so cc

Thank you for supporting us in this difficult time.

Greetings, readers! Thanks to you, our Descent into the Underworld campaign is fully funded. We are so excited for you to experience Moonie’s journey through the Underworld through this collection of dice. To recap, we have the following dice sets available:

Moonie (sharp edge and soft edge)

River Styx (sharp edge and soft edge)

Cerbudon (soft edge)

Lord of Hell (soft edge)

Mom (soft edge)

Demi (soft edge)

This means that we are able to produce all sets of dice as soft edge dice, except fate. Check out the photo below to see the difference between the soft and sharp-edged dice.

We are currently busy preparing the Backer Kit surveys, which we expect to take roughly a week to finish. Kickstarter will then take 10 business days to send the funds to us, at which time we can start the production at the factory.

Gabrisaur Dice now available in the shop

On another note, if you missed the Gabrisaur Dice Kickstarter campaign, worry not! You can now get Brachioblue and Pterodactyellow in our shop. Both of these sets are out of print, which means that once they sell out, we won’t be making more. Be sure to get your orders in before these limited sets are all gone.



That’s all for now! Thank you again for all your support, it means the (under)world to us.

Greetings, readers! This week, I’m sharing one of my own characters for our character profile showcase week. His name is Ashajontû the Audacious and he was my first-ever Fifth Edition character. Learn more about him below:

Name: Ashajontû Tyûkdzwol D’Oré, called Ashajontû the Audacious, he/him ((pronounced ash-ah-YON-tu • ch-YOOK-tss-VOLL • door-AY).

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 147

Race/Heritage: High Elf

Class: Bard, College of Glamour

Equipment: A recorder, a banjo, a rapier with his name engraved on it, a ring of protection, a signet ring

Appearance: Ashajontû has aqua eyes and light skin with long silver-blond hair. He’s 6 feet tall and very thin. Ashajontû wears a pink tunic with gold accent details, white leggings, high-heeled boots, and a long dramatic cape.

Personality: Ashajontû is lively and enjoys being the centre of attention. He plays the banjo, the recorder, the triangle, and he can sing. He likes to compose songs that inspire his fellow party members, tell stories of their adventures, or simply to persuade other people to give him what he wants. In combat, Ashajontû is a spellcaster whose primary strategy is to draw enemies into some other activity or distraction so that they can’t attack the party. When he’s not adventuring or recovering from his adventures, Ashajontû likes to write songs, eat pastries, and go shopping for the latest fashions.

Goals: Having reclaimed his land, title, and noble status, Ashajontû’s personal goal is now to turn the ruins of his old house into a theatre. With his party, he is attempting to prevent a dreadful villain from unleashing Tiamat and taking over the world.

Most memorable moment: Ashajontû willingly stood trial for war crimes on behalf of his (mostly) deceased family members. He sang twice at his trial, once to prove that he was a bard and would not have access to a wizard spell used to commit a murder, and once to introduce countercharges against his great-uncle who framed him for the murder. He was ultimately successful in getting convicted of his family’s crimes, and cleared of the crimes with which he was personally charged. Ashajontû is in the process of paying reparations and making amends with the people his family hurt. The events of the trial earned Ashajontû the moniker “the audacious.”

Fun fact: Pastries are Ashajontû’s favourite food. He can, and does, eat them for all meals of the day.

Sebastian is an RPG writer, editor, model, and voice actor. They are also the resident blogger for Dragon’s Digest. Follow them on Twitter @sebastianyue!

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.

Greetings readers! We hope you’re keeping well. As of writing this on Friday night, we are just over 100% funded! We are so excited to bring Moonie’s journey to you via all these beautiful dice. Funding at this stage means that Moonie’s set and the River Styx set have been unlocked.

At $40,000, Cerbudon’s set unlocks. Cerbudon is the creator of all dogs who is part dragon, and part dog. He is fierce, but kind to those who love animals. Cerbudon has three puppy heads.

Check out our photos of this set below!

If you’d like to see this set added to your pledge options, back the Kickstarter today!

Greetings, readers! We hope you’re keeping well. We have a sneak preview of our Descent into the Underworld Kickstarter for you before it goes live on September 7! Check it out below, and sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live.


In this Kickstarter campaign, you have options! The dice come in 11-piece sets and each one is hand-polished. The dice are made using UV glitter and glow-in-the-dark powder, which produces a dramatic, smoky, nebula-like effect.

The dice are available with soft edges or sharp edges. The soft-edged dice are machine tumbled before being hand-polished, and the sharp-edged dice are all 100% hand-polished with no machines involved to give the cleanest edges possible.

You can also choose whether you’d like your dice to be inked in silver, black, or even uninked.

Dice selection at a glance

These dice have been created specially to tell the story of Moonie the dragon’s final descent into the Underworld. Here is a summary of the story and a quick preview of the dice we have to offer! The dice pictured are the sharp-edged dice, but all sets are available with soft edges as well.

Moonie dice set preview

And here is a peek at Moonie’s set! You will be able to pledge for up to 3 dice sets, with the rest available as add-ons. You’ll also be able to get postcards, a ferryman’s coin, a d20 pendant necklace, playmats, and a beautiful faux-leather carry case for all your dice. See some of those items in our previous blog post.

Follow this blog for updates, and be sure to sign up for Kickstarter launch notifications! See you all on September 7!

Greetings, readers! We hope you’re keeping well. We’re excited to announce our newest Kickstarter, Descent into the Underworld! It’s themed around the story of Moonie the dragon heading to the Underworld to rescue her mother. The dice sets created for this Kickstarter are inspired by the characters and challenges that she faces on her journey.

Her first challenge is to ford the river Styx, then gain the help of Cerbudon. After this, Moonie is confronted by lord of hell who doesn’t want to free her mother from her responsibilities as Guardian of the Dragons. In response, Moonie’s brother Demi comes out of hiding and asks if they can visit Fate to change their mom’s future.

They meet with Fate, who says the future is ever changing. In recognition of this comment from Fate, the Fate set has a liquid core. Fate eventually frees Moonie’s mom, with Demi taking over the role of Guardian of the Dragons.

Take a look at the gorgeous photos of our new dice! We are aiming to fund the first two sets, with the rest of them being unlocked as stretch goals.

We also have special ferryman coins only for early bird backers, as well as bronze and gold versions of the coins as add-ons.

We also have playmats, necklaces, and a special dice binder as add-ons. Also, the “Greetings from Hell” postcard that is available as a stretch goal.

Sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live.

Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Beltane, submitted by Charlie! Learn more about Beltane below:

Name: Beltane, she/her (/ˈbɛl. teɪn/)

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 22

Race/Heritage: Halfling

Class: Druid, Circle of the Shepherd

Equipment: Scimitar, longbow, quarterstaff, totem

Appearance: Beltane is 3’1″, weighs 45 lbs and has red hair and green eyes. She has lots of freckles and wears a green cloak, brown tunic, and dark brown pants.

Personality: Beltane is childlike, socially awkward and a total sweetheart. She loves animals and cares deeply about the environment.

Goals: Beltane’s goal is to uphold the balance between the natural world and industrialized world. She also wants to travel far and wide, meeting lots of animals and nature spirits along the way.

Most memorable moment: A party member fell beside Beltane in battle and she cast reincarnate to bring him back to life.

Fun fact: Beltane was raised in the wild and learned druidic magic from three witches who adopted her.

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.