Greetings, readers! Before we get into our regularly scheduled character profile showcase, we’d like to congratulate Kim M. for winning our monthly review contest! We’ll be applying a $25 gift card to your account. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time because there are plenty more chances. Just keep reviewing your Little Dragon Corp dice and we’ll enter you into our monthly draw to win a Little Dragon Corp gift card. We’re grateful for all the support we’ve received so far!

For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Cateli “Catelina” Ogoliala, submitted by Amanda! Learn more about Catelina below:

Name: Cateli “Catelina” Ogoliala, she/her

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 18

Race/Heritage: Goliath

Class: Barbarian

Equipment: Giant wooden club, bone javelins, explorer’s pack

Appearance: Catelina is 7 feet tall. She has long, blonde hair that is dyed blue at the tip, amber eyes, and tanned skin. She wears a ram skull on her left shoulder as a pauldron with the horns shaved down so she doesn’t poke herself in the face. She also wears a long pelt as a cape as well as several other animal furs and leathers.

Personality: Catelina is proud of herself and her skills. She is a capable warrior and is determined with high resolve. She is also outgoing and enjoys meeting new people.

Goals: Catelina’s main goal is to bring back the head of the largest monster possible to her tribe as a way to prove herself after being wrongfully banished.

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.

Greetings, readers! Our collaboration with Tistaminis has launched and you can find it on Kickstarter here. It’s a collection of 36 pipped d6s with the crits inked in a different colour! These dice are designed in several unique combinations and the different ink means you’ll never have to do a double-take about whether you rolled maximum damage ever again.

The first set is the Marine Dice, which are a blue and white marbled acrylic with crits inked in gold. From there, there are six more sets to unlock: Volcanic Night Dice (dark pink and black acrylic with gold-inked crits), Ferocious Flames (orange and yellow acrylic with silver-inked crits), Ancient Gold Dice (turquoise and black acrylic with pink-inked crits), Temptress Dice (purple and blue acrylic with pink-inked crits), Jungle Ops Dice (teal and black with turquoise-inked crits), and Lich Dice (green and white with black-inked crits).

Little Sleep Shipping

We at Little Dragon Corp are proud to support the fulfilment of this Kickstarter with Little Sleep Shipping, which is our dedicated shipping division! We will be using mailers provided by Tistaminis to ship out your dice. In the interests of being eco-friendly, we are minimizing our packaging, so the dice will be in reusable Ziploc bags. We are able to ship worldwide and if there is sufficient interest, there may be an add-on to upgrade your packages to parcels for faster shipping.

Our Little Sleep Dragon has eight legs and is the fastest of all the Little Dragon Corp dragons!

In other news, we are beyond excited for the newest D&D book: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which is an adventure set in the Feywild. We have access to the exclusive alternative cover and we cannot wait for you to get it! Everyone who pre-orders the book will receive a free Elemental Spring Garden resin dice set as well, which is an exclusive from our store. Pre-order the book here!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more news here on Dragon’s Digest.

Greetings, readers! We hope you’re staying safe and have been able to get your COVID-19 shots. We were able to reopen our store a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a slow but steady trickle. We’re so happy to be seeing you in person and we’re open Tuesday through Sunday to help you find your favourite dice, games, and trading cards.

We have received our prototypes for the new line of jewellery we’re launching, and we’ll be sharing more about them very soon.

We’re also partnering with Tistaminis on a new project coming soon. We helped them design some new dice, a d6 and RPG set. It will be launching on Kickstarter soon as well and we’ll share the date once we have it.

We are still running our monthly review contest! Reviews help us to grow our business and let fellow customers whether the product they’re looking at is a good fit for them. If you’ve purchased a dice set from us, leave a review and we will enter you into a monthly draw to win a Little Dragon Corp gift card.

As for us, we’re doing a roll study on some new dice to ensure a balanced and fair roll. Our tried-and-tested method is to roll the dice 1,000 times using a dice tower and record the results. It’s not the most interesting aspect of Little Dragon Corp, but it’s an important part of our process.

We’ll be back next week with more updates!

Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Frederick Everleigh, submitted by Amanda! Learn more about Frederick below:

Name: Frederick Everleigh, he/him

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 25

Race/Heritage: Human

Class: Bard, College of Whispers

Equipment: Violin

Appearance: Frederick is 5’11 with dark skin and dark hair with a reddish tint to it. He wears a grey waistcoat, a white shirt, and a red cape with matching red gloves.

Personality: Frederick is blunt with others, but can also be very careful and dedicated to his goal. He enjoys reading, attention, and wine, with a preference for red wine over white. He dislikes close relations, cheap items, and the lower class. Frederick has his violin on him at all times.

Goals: His main goals in life are to revive his love and to regain his prestige.

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.

Welcome back to Little Dragon Corp at Dragon World Card Games & Collectibles! As of Friday, June 11, we have reopened the store and are offering in-person shopping again. For safety reasons, we still request that you wear a mask and practice social distancing when you visit. We are also limiting the number of people in the shop at any given time to 15% of our regular capacity.

Our opening hours are the same as they were before the pandemic:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12-7 pm
Wednesday: 12-7 pm
Thursday: 12-7 pm
Friday: 12-7 pm
Saturday: 10-6 pm
Sunday: 12-6 pm

Our deal for June is half-off scoops of dice! Visit us in store or shop online to claim this deal. Also, remember that we have an ongoing contest to win a resin dice set of your choice. Just post a review of a dice set you purchased from us and each month, we will select the winner via a random draw. See this post for more details.

That’s all for this week. Looking forward to seeing you in person!

Do you own any oddly shaped dice? I personally do not. All my own dice sets are the standard shapes for polyhedral sets. I don’t think it was a conscious decision to only ever buy standard dice, but now that I think about it, it’s because I perceived the oddly shaped dice to be less fair than the standard shapes.

I’m not the only person to have pondered this perception. In 2018, researchers Francesco Boschi, Hamna Aslam, and Joseph Alexander Brown published a paper called “Player Perceptions of Fairness in Oddly Shaped Dice.” This study investigated people’s perception of fairness in a pair of dice with a 2D6 distribution.

The experiment

The study asked a group of 65 people their opinion of the fairness of three pairs of dice: a standard pair of d6s, a skewed pair of d6s, and an unusual pair of d6s. All pairs of dice were placed on the table for the participants to see when they were asked their opinion about the dice.

After they’d given their opinion, the researchers asked them which set they’d prefer to use if they were to play a game that used dice. The participants had to pick one pair from the three that they were shown.

After the interview stage, the participants played Snakes and Ladders three times, each time with a different pair of dice. Then after playing the game, the participants were asked their opinion on the fairness of the dice again.


At the time of the first interview, 96.9 percent of the participants thought that the normal pair of dice were fair, 45.3 percent considered the skewed dice pair fair, and 40.6 percent said that the unusual pair was fair. The researchers found that most people said that the normal pair was fair was because participants were already familiar with those dice.

“The majority of the participants consider a die to be fair if there is an equal probability of the occurrence of all faces of the die. Others mentioned symmetry of shape and made some considerations about weight and emotions, that could afflict the perception of a die being fair or not.”

— “Player Perceptions of Fairness in Oddly Shaped Dice” by Francesco Boschi, Hamna Aslam, and Joseph Alexander Brown

When the time came for participants to choose the pair of dice that they would use to play a game, 56.9 percent picked the normal dice, 20.0 percent chose the skewed set, and 23.1 percent selected the unusual pair.

After playing Snakes and Ladders with all three pairs of dice, the perception of the normal pair of dice being fair remained the same at 96.9 percent. For the skewed and unusual dice, these percentages were higher after the game with 64.6 percent of participants saying that they considered the skewed dice fair, and 52.3 percent of people thinking the unusual dice are fair.

According to the study, the main reason for the difference in opinion after trying the dice are the numbers that came up as outcomes of the dice roll. The average number of throws to finish the game is 7 with normal and skewed dice, and 8 with unusual dice. Dice rolls that gave high or especially low number many times were considered unfair, while dice with variety of outcomes were considered fair.

After the game, the participants were once again asked which pair of dice they would use to play a game that involves dice. The results were much closer this time, with 38.5 percent of people choosing the normal dice. The same percentage of people selected the skewed dice, and 23 percent chose the unusual dice.

When asked for a reason, participants identified that the reason for the selection of normal dice is because that set is the most familiar and the easiest to understand. The main reason for choosing the unusual and skewed dice was curiosity and fun.


The researchers observed that some participants chose to use dice that they considered unfair. Eight participants said that they would use dice that they thought were unfair to play the game. Two of the participants chose unfair dice because the dice shape amused them, one of the participants chose out of curiosity, and two other participants chose the “unfair” pair because they wanted to confirm if the dice were fair or not.

The researchers found that most of the participants were surprised by the skewed dice more than any other, because the shape is strange and unusual for them. Despite that, most of the participants liked them because they were funny and comfortable to hold.

Perhaps it’s time for me to play a game using some oddly shaped dice.

Greetings readers,

We hope you’re well and keeping up with the latest vaccination updates. We miss you and hope we will see each other soon, especially since we’ve worked so hard on renovating the new store as a community gaming space.

In this week’s blog post, we have many exciting updates to share with you! Keep reading…

Wizards Play Network Premium Store status

Despite the pandemic, we have achieved status as a member of the Wizards Play Network with the Premium designation! This is very exciting for us because it’s a public recognition by Wizards of the Coast of us being one of the best game stores in the world. We’ve proven that we offer consistent, world-class experiences to customers and players. You can see our premium badge proudly displayed on our page on the Wizards of the Coast store locator site.

Going forward, we will have exclusive events and products, so stay tuned!

Special deals for the month of May

This month, when you do any of the following…

  • Buy any 3 dice sets
  • Buy any 6 unpainted minis
  • Buy any 3 mini booster packs
  • Spend $50 or more on D&D Products (Not including books)

… you can choose a free gift! Your options are:

  • A dice set and dice bag
  • A bath bomb
  • Candy surprise ($15 value)

Special deals forever

These deals are evergreen, meaning that they will always apply!

Weekly game nights at Dragon World

In preparation for the end of the pandemic, we’re bringing back our weekly game nights! The new schedule will be:

Monday: All systems TTRPG night. Any system goes! Play a classic like Pathfinder or try a different game like Numenera or Vampire: The Masquerade.
Wednesday: D&D. Play the world’s greatest roleplaying game at your friendly local game shop!

Saturday: Young Adventurers’ League. A gaming space for kids!

New products

We have several new products in store that we think you’ll love! Starting with Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which is a brand new (released May 18, 2021!) horror sourcebook for D&D. It includes new backgrounds, trinkets, and a slew of terrifying new adversaries for your campaign. Get it now!


We also have an impressive figurine of Tiamat in a gargantuan size unseen before! The five-headed dragon goddess is magnificent and is sure to be the centrepiece of your figurine collection. Get it now!


Finally, we have a couple of new Paint Night Kits. What makes these kits special is that they come with QR codes that will take you to a walkthrough on how to paint the figurine. These make for excellent starter kits and have paint pots and brushes included with them. Get one now!


Pandemic housekeeping

We know many of you are missing the in-store experience (and we miss having you!) so we’re introducing virtual shopping trips! Book an appointment with us and we will give you a virtual tour and personal shopping trip via Facebook.

We can also take debit/credit payments at the door, as well as over the phone.

This past year has been a challenge and the whole Little Dragon Corp team misses your presence here in the shop. We hope to see you soon at the new home of Dragon World at 22 Main St. S., above the Burger Grill.

Greetings, readers! For this week’s character profile showcase, we have Medjhan Vermithrax, submitted by Alex! Learn more about Medjhan below:

Name: Medjhan Vermithrax, he/him (pronounced MEH-jon • VURR-mih-thracks)

System: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Age: 32

Race/Heritage: Silver Dragonborn

Class: Barbarian, Path of the Berserker

Equipment: Heavy battle axe, shurikens,

Appearance: Medjhan is muscular with a stocky build and is around 7 feet tall. He wears red leather pants and no shirt, and is recognizable for his cocksure, toothy smile.

Personality: Medjhan is a hot-blooded barbarian with a hedonistic streak and a snarky quip or cool one-liner always at the ready. He also has a soft side, clouded by years of trauma. The sudden death of his tyrannical father left Medjhan with years of unresolved anger issues and a seething hatred for authority. Medjhan empathizes with those who have been negatively impacted by the circumstances of their birth, be they poor or discriminated against. After escaping from prison with his adventuring party, he developed a strong guilty conscience… not that it’s stopped Medjhan from being the life of the party at any bar or tavern he visits.

Goals: Above all else, Medjhan wants to atone for his sins and put his bloody history to rest. To that end, Medjhan aims to dismantle oppressive systems of power by any means he can. In private, Medjhan longs to practice the art of healing, so as to “give back” to the world and repair any damage he has caused along the way.

Most memorable moment: While captured in an enemy’s castle, Medjhan rolled a natural 20 and used his raw strength to break free, ripping out a chunk of the wall still attached to his chain. He then used his newfound boulder-on-a-chain to smash in the head of an enemy warlord, while quipping, “If you admired my father so much, why don’t you join him?!”

Fun fact: Medjhan used to wrestle competitively. He’s also pansexual with a preference for buff guys.

Alex Rochon is a voice over artist specializing in eLearning and character acting. Follow him on Twitter @AlexRochonVA!

Remember that we’re accepting character profile submissions on a rolling basis and featuring one character per month. If you’d like to see your character featured on Dragon’s Digest, see this post for details and fill out this form.

Greetings, readers! We hope you’re well. Before our main announcement, we just want to let you know that if you’re from the Peel region where our physical store is located, anyone 18 years of age or older can book their COVID-19 vaccination. Visit this site for more information. We can’t wait until the day it’s safe enough for us to serve you in store again.

Now for our news: we have created a new shipping division called Little Sleep Shipping, and our first project is partnering with Lindorm Dice to handle fulfilment for their Norse Mythology Dice – Viking Saga Kickstarter! We will receive the dice directly from the manufacturer and will be shipping from Canada to the rest of North America. We have extensive shipping experience from our previous successful Kickstarter projects, as well as our online orders from our shop and we’re happy to help out.

As for Little Sleep itself, the shipping division is named after Little Sleep, who is an eight-legged dragon that is possibly the fastest dragon in the world. With his eight legs and large wings, he flies across land, sea, and even air. Runes are carved across his whole body which are attributed to his massive boost in speed. We will be announcing more Little Sleep projects as they come up, but you can expect to see us fulfilling orders if you backed Lindorm Dice’s most recent Kickstarter.

Greetings, readers! Thank you to everyone who entered our first monthly dice review contest! April’s winner is Steve! Congratulations, Steve, you’ve won a resin dice set of your choice! We’ll be in touch shortly to co-ordinate your prize.

We will be doing our prize draw on the last day of each month and announcing the winner in the next blog post after that date. To be entered into the draw, all you have to do is leave a review on a dice set that you’ve purchased. Check out this post for more information.

As for other updates, we’re hard at work. We’re getting ready to teaming up with Lindorm Dice to help out with shipping fulfillment for their Norse Mythology Dice – Viking Saga Kickstarter, as well as launching a new jewellery series of our own! We also have some news from our friends at Tistaminis coming later this month.

As always, we’re looking for character profiles to feature on our blog. Learn more here and check out the submission form here.

That’s all for now – stay safe!